Driving Tips for Motorcycle Safety

There is a greater risk involved for motorcycle drivers compared to car drivers. Ninety percent of motorcycle driving accidents were caused by the riders having no formal training. Before purchasing a motorcycle for the sake of a budget, make sure you are skilled enough to handle its dangers. Canadian provinces issue a separate licence for motorcycle owners, as opposed to those who drive cars. Make sure that you pass the required test and knowledge for this licence. In British Columbia, it is a Class 6 licence.

Tips for motorcycle safety

Apart from undergoing the necessary training, it is important for motorcycle drivers to remember certain safety precautions. First, he or she must always make themselves visible to the car driver. The helmet should have distinct retroreflective materials, as well as protective bright clothing. Do not place yourself in the other driver’s blind side. When making extreme curves, make sure your high beams are on and you do not increase your speed too much. If you have someone riding with you, also make sure they have a helmet on, are wearing the necessary protective gear, and are secure in their position. You do not want to harm another person. During emergency braking situations, place a large space between you and the cars near you to avoid any hard collisions. Do not forget to signal so that other drivers are aware of your actions. Do not share a lane with a car because most likely, the driver will not be looking for you. This can lead to you toppling, as the car will look for large vehicles. Stay in the motorcycle lane at all times.

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