How To Clay Bar Your Car For Detailing

You can clay bar your car or have it done for you when you want to have a full detailing done. You might think that you can wax your car and have it look perfect after a simple wash, but this is not the case. There are a few things you need to consider when you want to go through the clay bar process. You need to know what it does and how it works. All the information is right here for you, and you will find that your car looks much better when the clay bar has been applied.

1. What Is The Clay Bar?

The clay bar is not actually clay. This is a synthetic putty that is used to ball and smooth over the surfaces of the car. The beauty of something like this is that is can be cleaned and adapted to the surface of the car. You are not using anything abrasive on the car, and you can come over the surface of the car multiple times without any trouble. You can use the clay bar on any part of the car, and it will pick up just about anything that is stuck to the surface of the car. You need to have a look at why the clay bar is necessary, and you might realize you have not been cleaning your car properly.

2. The Rough Surface Of Your Car

The rough surface of your car is caused by dirt and debris that your car is driving through every day. You will find dirt and debris from the road, and there is salt from the road that was kicked up in the winter. You will find that you have many chips of debris that would stick to the car because they are just gooey enough to catch. You will have a film on your car’s surface that you can feel even if the car looks clean, and you will have a lot of air pollution stick to the car because it is not just air. You will have a lot of problems with the car that are to explain, but you can feel it when you stroke the surface even with your fingertip.

3. How To Use The Clay Bar

The clay bar is something that you simply ball up and start to move over the surface of the car. You will find that it is picking up all kinds of things that you could not imagine, and you also have too see if you can bend and move the putty so that it will fit into little spaces where you need to go around corners and get all that dirt that is tucked away where you normally cannot reach. The putty has to be wiped off here and there because you will have big chunks that stick to the putty, and you also have to have the clay bar pieces with you because you might want to get another piece of the clay bar to keep going. The bar itself is not an indestructible material, and you will need to replace it here and there so that you can get a complete clean on the car no matter the time of year.

4. Why Do You Need The Clay Bar?

You might have a problem with the texture of your car, and the only way to solve that problem is to run the clay bar over the paint job to get all those things off that will damage your paint. This is the most complete product you can use because it will get rid of all the things that do not come off under a cloth. You also have to remember that the clay bar can give you contact with surfaces of the car that are simply too hard to reach with a cloth. You have infinite ability to shape and mold the clay bar as much as you want, and you can even pull more putty off of your original bar so that you can make a special shape that will reach all the parts of the car that are easy to access. A cloth cannot do this, and you are not limited if you have big hands or have a hard time with fine motor skills.

5. Who Can Use The Clay Bar?

You can use the clay bar at home, or you could ask your detailed to use the clay bar because it helps them get the gunk off the car before they really start cleaning everything. The purpose of going to the clay bar is to prepare the car for the wax that will not take if you have not completely cleaned the car. You might have tried to wax the car on your own, and you were probably not successful because you did not use the clay bar first. You also need to be sure that you have gone over every panel at least twice to get the car ready for waxing. This is what your detailed will do, and they will do it in such a fashion that they can save you not only money but time because the wax lasts longer.

How Much Will You Pay For The Clay Bar?

One of the best parts of the clay bar is that you can buy them for very little money. You are making a tiny investment in your car, but you will see amazing results because the clay bar was designed to be used over and over until it has collected all the dirt and grime that you could possibly find. Your car tends to stay cleaner when you are using the clay bar, and you can keep one in the car so that you do not have any problems with the car in the future. You might not have time for a full detail, but you will realize you have a big streak of debris that needs to be cleaned right away. You can pull the bar from the glovebox, and you can clean the car yourself.

7. Conclusion

You can get a clay bar and clean up your car on your own at any time, and you will find that you can easily keep your car in the best possible condition because you are truly scraping the surface clean. You do not need to worry about a wax going bad because the car is completely clean, and you can even keep the clay bar in the vehicle in case you need to clean it up just a little bit more while you are on the road.

Article By Tony Bernard