Winterizing Your Car’s Exterior

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Living in the province of Alberta, Canada, one of the most important things that you need to be prepared for is the winter. No matter where you live, cold, frigid winter climates can cause lots of problems around the home, on the roads, in your car, and practically anywhere. It can be difficult dealing with falling snow, icy roads, and all of the other hazards that come along with harsh winter conditions. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to winterize your car’s exterior to protect it from the cold winter.

Windshield wiper check

Make sure that your windshield wipers work flawlessly, because you may have to fend off rain, ice, and snow in the winter. Also remember to put some windshield washer fluid in the reservoir to avoid freezing.

Tire care

Another important consideration is whether or not to get snow tires. If you live in an area with slopes, hills, or curvy roads, then you should definitely get snow tires for the extra traction. Consider getting a protective wax for your tires or some other form of tire protection that will keep your tire rubber from cracking.

Protecting your paint

Because your car’s exterior is subject to the whim of the weather, you have to prepare your paint job to take a beating. Make sure that your car is waxed to avoid surface damage to your paint, and you may want to get a sealant for added protection.

Getting a car cover

Should you have to park your car in an area where it will be exposed to the elements, then make sure to have a car cover that can give much needed protection, especially during winter storms.

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