How to Use Auto Detailing Clay

The local car wash joints usually do a decent job for regular car washing tasks. Run your car through the automated car wash and it comes out looking cleaner, but to get that car-show-quality finish that makes your car look brand new, you may want to go for auto detailing. Auto detailers have all of the tools and tricks to get your car looking like it just rolled off the factory line. One of the tools they use is auto detailing clay. This article will give you all the tricks you need for using detailing clay yourself.

Know what auto detailing clay does.

To effectively use auto detailing clay, you have to first understand what it does. Basically, auto detailing clay is especially formulated to safely and effectively lift away and remove bonded contaminants and surface contaminants from your vehicle’s paint and sealant or wax coatings.

Give your car a thorough washing.

Before using the clay, give your car a thorough wash to remove surface contaminants and get it ready for the clay over.

Know your product and how to use it.

So you’ve washed your car and you have your detailing clay in hand. The next step is to read the instructions of your clay and see if it comes with a clay lubricant. If not, make sure to buy a good lubricant that is compatible with your clay. Know the directions and follow them carefully.

Start using the clay.

In most cases, you are supposed to roll the clay into a sausage that you can flatten out a little on your palm. This gives you some surface area to work with. Keep the clay warm while you work to avoid hardening. Work through your car carefully, making sure that you make use of lubricant for each patch that you clay over. Knead the clay to ensure that a “new” patch of clay is used for each portion that you clean. Finally, finish off the job by polishing or glazing, then sealing or waxing.

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