A Quick Look at Defensive Driving Courses

The Canada Safety Council is a non-profit, non-government organization that aims to raise awareness and provide education regarding safety, including road safety. It is the leading organization in Canada for educating and improving drivers. As such, a defensive driving course given or certified by the Canada Safety Council is considered an acceptable course by many institutions all over Canada. Educational institutions such as universities also provide reputable defensive driving courses.

What does a defensive driving course cover?

The main objective of all defensive driving courses is to teach people how to drive more safely. These courses teach techniques on how to avoid collisions in a variety of situations. Drivers are taught how to navigate tricky areas such as intersections. They also learn how to handle the vehicle safely regardless of what other drivers around them are doing–the main principle of driving defensively.

How long does a defensive drivers course take?

The time to complete the course varies from institution to institution. The standard defensive driving course given by the Canada Safety Council runs for about six hours. Others can run for as little as four hours to as long as eight hours.

Can I take a defensive drivers course individually, or do I have to take it with a group?

Some organizations offer one-on-one or online instruction. Others offer defensive driving courses as a class. The advantage of online courses is that you can take it any time you want, at your own convenience. If you take it with a class, you get the benefit of discussion and interaction with other drivers.

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