Proper Car Washing and Car Drying Techniques

While the average care owner might head to the car wash once or twice a month, the enthusiast is more likely to take car cleaning to the next level with interior and exterior detailing. Regardless of how much you love cars, however, the simple fact is that you have to have your car washed at least once in a while. Keeping your car washed not only keeps your car looking new and clean, but it also helps remove any contaminants that may cause damage to your paint job or the actual body of your car. Here are some tips for washing and drying your car:

Make a schedule.

The first step is to make a schedule for washing your car. It would be best to wash your car on a weekly basis. If you cannot keep up with weekly washes, then at least wash your car every other week.

Get the right type of sponge or mitt.

For washing your car, it’s best to have a deep mitt or sponge. The depth of the nap will lift contaminants off and suspend them in the soapy water or in the mitt/sponge itself. Flat weave towels or dense sponges do not lift contaminants; therefore; they may cause scratching by dragging contaminants over your paint.

Get the appropriate products.

Try to only use products that are made for the specific task you are doing. For example, get a proper tire and wheel cleaner aside from the soap or shampoo for your car body.

Dry your car to perfection.

To dry your car well, you may want to get something like a “water blade” or a blower. For those hard-to-reach spots or for regular hand-drying techniques, make use of a microfiber towel or something made specifically for drying cars.

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