Staff Picks: The Best Stylish Truck Mods That Increase Performance

Vehicle modifications are incredibly common, especially among truck owners. What you may not know, however, is that some mods not only make your truck look amazing, but also increase various aspects of your trucks performance.

These mods can range in price and complexity, depending on what part of the truck they will be improving. If you’ve recently purchased a truck, or are looking at working on one you already own, it is worth taking a look at some of these top options for stylish truck mods that increase performance.

Exhaust Mods

Adding a dual, high-flow exhaust to your truck is one of the first mods you should consider. Not only do two shiny new mufflers out the back look sleek, but a dual high-flow exhaust can also help improve horsepower by relieving pressure on the engine. Additionally, a new exhaust and muffler will also help quiet the vehicle considerably.

High Performance Tires

While we all know that even the most basic of new tires can cost more than we’d like, but spending a few (or more) extra dollars on performance tires can be worth it.

Performance focused tires can help with multiple aspects of driving, such as: improved handling, maximum traction, and reduced stopping distance. Not only do these details improve performance, but also make your vehicle safer.

HID Headlights

High intensity discharge headlights are a relatively cheap upgrade you can make to your truck. The bright white light given off by these headlights offers a stylish touch, while also adding safety and performance benefits.

They create a larger range of visibility, which is incredibly beneficial to those who do a lot of nighttime driving. They also last a lot longer than typical halogen headlights and use less energy, which is easier on the vehicles battery.

Supercharger Kits

Supercharger kits are a modification that will only appeal stylistically to those who look under the hood. Basically, a supercharger is an air compressor that helps push more air into the engine. The major benefits that superchargers create in a vehicle are increased horsepower and increased fuel economy.

Some more benefits resulting from superchargers that are tailored to trucks include a higher towing capacity and the ability to pull heavier loads up steeper hills with more ease.

More Mods Please

Whether you just bought a new truck that you want to style up, or are looking to increase the performance of an older truck, there are many modifications you can choose from that add beauty and practicality. High-flow exhausts, performance tires, HID headlights, and supercharger kits are only a few of the stylish truck mods that you can install for performance upgrades.

If you are going to be spending top dollar on your truck, and even more to add modifications to it, you should really consider choosing mods that increase performance, make your vehicle safer, and look good all at the same time.

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