Car Care: 5 Advantages of Dealership Automotive Service

If you need to repair or maintain your vehicle, you may be overwhelmed with the range and diversity of businesses wiling to perform the service. Dealerships, garages and private mechanics are all eager for business, but where should you spend your hard-earned dollar? Heartland Ford is here to outline the major advantages of having your vehicle serviced at a licensed and certified dealership.

#1: Protect your neck.

Dealerships offer certified, mechanical repair and maintenance that preserves and extends your vehicle’s warranty. Private garages and mechanics rarely use the parts and processes necessary to pass a warranty inspection

#2: Get what you pay for.

Lower prices do not always equal better value. An easier-to-swallow invoice may be hiding shoddy handiwork, substandard parts or even neglectful safety practices. Highly trained technicians and OEM parts are the hallmark of a good dealership service department.

#3: Tick-tock.

Time is money and any time you spend without your vehicle can be an inconvenience. Dealerships understand this as they deal with huge volumes of repair, warranty and insurance work on a daily basis. Rigid schedules are kept to a corporate standard, unlike some private shops that may lack the staff or infrastructure to handle their workload.

#4: Comfort and convenience.

Dealerships may have higher overhead, but that’s a small price to pay when you have your feet kicked up with a cup of coffee and a new car catalogue. Our staff is friendly and efficient– your comfort and peace of mind is their priority!

#5: Backed by a brand.

As stated a few times before, one of the main reasons dealership automotive service is so comprehensive is the backing of a major auto manufacturer. Staff members take pride in the logo they wear because it is more than just a company– it’s a way of doing business.

If you are curious about our service department here at Heartland Ford, contact or visit us today! Our top notch team is standing by to offer unparalleled service and professional advice.

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