How Does Your Driving Record Affect Insurance Quotes?

The cost of your auto insurance rates depend on the following factors:

(1) Where you live.

Some areas are considered more high risk than others. Accidents, theft, and other such incidents are more likely to happen in busy, densely populated, and/or urban areas. You may also have higher insurance quotes if repairs are more costly in your area.

(2) How you use your vehicle

If you drive often and/or for long distances, your car is subjected to more wear and tear. This can drive up your insurance rates.

(3) The make and model of your vehicle

Some vehicles have better safety features that make them less risky to insure. Other vehicles are able to withstand collisions with less damage. Insurers also consider repair costs of your vehicle when calculating your auto insurance rate.

(4) Your demographics

Certain groups of drivers are considered to be more risky to insure than others and, therefore, have higher insurance quotes. For example, male drivers under age 25 tend to drive more recklessly and engage in risk-taking behavior more often than other groups, so they have very high insurance costs.

(5) Your driving record

A good driving record can get you a lower auto insurance rate.

What can I do about my driving record to get a lower insurance quote?

Simply put, avoid traffic violations and being involved in accidents. A long driving history that’s free of traffic violations, collisions, and other incidents will grant you very low insurance quotes. On the other hand. getting a ticket or being involved in an accident can affect your auto insurance rates for years to come. The more violations or accidents you have on your record, the more insurance companies will consider you a high-risk driver, and you will be given higher auto insurance quotes. If you’re involved in accident and you’re found to be at fault for it, this will further increase your insurance costs, as you are a legal liability to insure.

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