Canada’s Guide to Auto Insurance Claims

Accidents are bound to happen, which is why making an auto insurance claim is crucial. The legal matters can get quite tricky, so here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

First things first

Before anything else, you must contact your insurer after the accident occurs. Report it to the police as well and state that you will make a claim for it under your insurance policy. Your written declaration or the proof of loss from the accident should be done 90 days from the incident. If you go over this time, your company will not be legally obligated to process the claim. Double check your insurance company’s policy and see as well if claims are honored in a year. You can extend to a year should you have a valid excuse for delay.

Claim details

Although the company will answer all collision damage, it is the owner’s responsibility is to protect the vehicle from further damage. No repairs not related to the accident can be made after the accident; you must get the insurer’s consent and give the vehicle time to reestablish itself. You also need the insurer’s consent to abandon the wrecked vehicle.

Other recommendations

When reporting the accident, do not voluntarily assume responsibility for the claim. Give time for a claims specialist or adjuster to go over the claim. The money you get for the claim will depend on the claim you initially purchased, so go over it before filing the claim. If the accident was directly from the other driver, then make a claim for that driver to pay for the damages. Take note that Quebec and Ontario apply direct compensation property damage.

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