The Pros and Cons of Buying a Smart Car

If you’re interested in a new 2017 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Fiat – New & Used Cars, you’re in the right place. Call to the Dodge dealer in Edmonton on 780-435-3611. Before making a smart purchase, you need to know about all the pros and cons of a smart car. In 2007, smart cars were introduced in USA after being a wild success all over Europe. Of course, there wasn’t any doubt that people wouldn’t love this cute, compact car that looks like you can fit it anywhere. The “Smart Fortwo Electric Drive” that just made an appearance has become a huge success in Europe but sadly, it failed in the USA. Then there’s the “Smart For four” that debuted a new model in the middle of 2014. Originally, it was Swatch and Mercedes-Benz who started this whole process and now you can find smart cars everywhere. In fact, I just spotted one last week parked on Michigan Avenue.

So, what is that makes us gravitate towards smart cars? I could point out reasons like small family, independence or limited funds but the truth is—it’s all about joining the new trend. Of course, limited funds can hold you back from purchasing your dream car but another reason that people prefer smart cars is because they are less expensive compared to manual cars. Yes, a Nissan Sentra is more affordable than a smart car but if you are looking for a car that is bigger and has higher specs, then you won’t find one in $15,000.

Making any huge investment for the long term requires you to list the pros and cons from all angles. In the case of a car, a ‘smart car’, you need to do extensive research and make sure that your pros list has more value than the cons list. Today, we will discuss the basic pros and cons of a smart car to help you reach a final decision if you are thinking about buying one:


It’s Size Makes It Easy to Drive and Park

One of the biggest reasons that people are attracted towards smart cars is that its small. They are less than nine feet long, which is three feet shorter than a Mini Cooper. The car has a fluid turning radius, which allows you the ability to maneuver it in and from tight spots. Imagine acing parallel parking in the first try with no going back and forth!

It’s Environment Friendly

If we talk about the For two car, then you can’t find a more fuel efficient car than this. Smart cars are constructed with recyclable materials that are innovative and energy efficient. It has dozens of other parts that are environment-friendly. It has such a minute carbon footprint that we can call it a complete ‘green’ smart car.

Can Be Easily Customized

Since it’s such a small car, it has been customized many times over the years. To make more attractive to the USA buyers, Mercedes updated its dashboard area and headlight, gave it a larger hood section and added more chrome. The car’s plastic body can be easily changed to add new colors or designs. Same goes for other smart cars.

Heated Seats – Extra Feature

Smart car models dating back to 2008 had heated seats. This trend has continued since then and today, most of the smart cars come with heated seats. Imagine having a relaxing drive back to home after a rough workout at the gym or a long day at work.

No Noise Pollution

Smart cars are way quieter than normal cars. Since it is fuel efficient, there’s less noise, which makes them a great commute car. If you live in an urban area, then this car is the perfect ride to own.

So, that was the first portion examining the pros of a smart car. Now, let’s move on to its cons.


Too Small

Yes, the feature that is one of its biggest pros is also one of its biggest cons. Sadly a smart car is not a family car. Though it’s roomier than an average car, it can accommodate only two persons. You might want to leave everyone at home when going grocery shopping because it will get cramped with two people and dozens of heavy paper bags.

Less Safety

Yes, Mercedes has done several collision tests and the cars come with two to four safety air bags but it still isn’t the safest car to drive on highways or in crowded areas. In the face of an oncoming truck, there is a 98% chance that your car might not survive and neither will you.

No Cruise Control

Since the smart car is designed as a commute type car, it is better you keep it off highways. Driving can become difficult when you are constantly distracted by the speed.

Sluggish Transmission

There are some people who have found a smart car’s transmission to be sluggish. Most smart cars come with a feature called “automated manual transmission”. Meaning: You can either go completely automatic or go manual with a clutch-less option. Here’s where the confusion starts: There have been rumors that the automatic transmission is a bit slow, as compared to the manual. This is the one thing you can only find out by taking a smart car for a test drive.

Low Mileage

Most of the people were hoping that with such a fuel-efficient car, manufactures would have developed a way to offer high mileage. Even though, it was rated as the highest fuel efficient car in 2010 by EPA, it still offers only 40 MPG.

Works Better on Premium Fuel

Small engines require premium fuel to work better and faster. Where gas mileage might seem more of a trade-off, our desire for premium fuel can raise the after-cost.

Now that you know the pros and cons involved with buying a smart car, you need to think it through. Even though the cons outweigh the pros but the latter are more powerful. I believe the pros are still on the winning side because the car is fuel-efficient and is perfect for a couple. Yes, it could be better but the benefits it offers cannot be found in normal cars. If you are looking for a unique and forward-thinking car, then I believe that you should consider about buying a smart car.

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