The I Promise Program for Teen Drivers

In the past year, a significant number of teenagers have died from car crashes. A certain percentage of these fatal accidents have 15 to 20 year olds as their victims. These terrible incidents were due to drivers not wearing their seat belts or teenagers driving their car at night. Teenagers feel like they can conquer anything, including their impermanent state in this world. This ‘immortal’ feeling is heightened with the feeling of driving, when one feels as if the road is their kingdom. But teens must realize their limits and that driving is best done responsibly.

What is I Promise?

The I Promise Program sets to achieve this responsible feat, giving teen drivers the platform to maximize their vehicle opportunities. This program engages teenagers and their parents in contract, as well as a rear window decal that shows a visible toll free number. During the contract signing, the parent and teenager go through a nine-page document stating the ways to practice responsible driving. Apart from knowing the right ways, the teen is also educated on proper car maintenance and how irresponsible driving reaps disadvantageous consequences. The decal indicates to passing cars and pedestrians that the person is a novice driver, encouraging them to make any emergency reports or necessary feedback on the driver’s skills. Once a call is made, the feedback is given to the parent, who is most likely the car’s owner. This program has only started but with enough new drivers under it and a good number of automobile insurance companies as partners, it will surely spread among the youth today.

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