Life Hack: How to Pass Your Drivers Test the First Time

To be able to legally drive in Canada, you need to obtain a driver’s licence. Each province has its own department or ministry in charge of testing would-be drivers and issuing a drivers licence. The specifics of each driver’s test vary from province to province. However, all provinces require you to pass both a Knowledge Test and a Road Test in order to obtain your driver’s licence.

The Knowledge Test

The Knowledge Test is the written portion of the driver’s test. This is to assess whether you know the traffic rules and regulations in your province. It also tests you on road signs and traffic lights. You may also be asked about safe driving practices, such as the use of seatbelts, how to enter and exit a highway, and defensive driving. You may also be tested on how to handle yourself in different situations on the road, including how to avoid collisions and how to act in the event that you are involved in a collision.

Each province publishes a Driver’s Handbook that contains the material you may be tested on. In the Driver’s Handbook, you can find information specific to your province, such as licensing laws and traffic regulations. You may find your province’s Driver’s Handbook online or purchase a copy in your local licensing office. Other provinces, such as British Columbia, offer practice tests online. Take advantage of these tests so that you can better prepare for the actual Knowledge Test.

The Road Test

This is the practical part of your driver’s test. During the road test, you will be assessed on how you operate a motor vehicle. Before you actually drive the car, you may be asked by the examiner to point out the vehicle’s turn signals, high beams, and parking brake, as well as demonstrate hand signals. You will be then be asked to drive through a route that has a variety of driving environments, such as urban areas and highways. During the road test, you will be asked to demonstrate different driving manoeuvres, such as starting and stopping, turning, entering and exiting a highway, passing through controlled and uncontrolled intersections, and parallel parking. You will also be assessed on whether you drive safely in general.


Regardless of where you’ll be obtaining your driver’s licence, a good strategy to follow during your Road Test (and whenever you drive) is the See-Think-Do rule.


means to always be aware of your surroundings and scan the road for hazards and obstacles.


is to be able to quickly assess hazards that you encounter in order to decide what to do.


is employing solutions to those hazards so that you and your companions on the road are safe. Be aware of what your driver’s test will cover, and you are sure to pass it!

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