Driving Courses for Class 7 Drivers

A person possessing a Class 7 or learner’s licence in Canada must be 14 years old or above, have their parent’s consent if they are aged between 14 to 17 years old, and must pass a vision screening and knowledge test on road rules. As one learns driving with a Class 7, he or she must have a fully licensed driver 18 years or older beside them as they learn. They are not allowed to drive from midnight to five am. They cannot drink any alcohol and must possess the Class 7 for one year to move on. An effective driving course for Class 7 drivers follows these important regulations and guidelines. If they do not undergo this process, then they cannot move on to the next stage and can never drive alone. Graduated driver licensing or GDL allows drivers to practice road safety, preventing accidents and life-long injuries. Alberta’s GDL ensures that beginner drivers do not abuse their newfound responsibility and stay safe on the road. This type of program is recommended for Class 7 licence holders. Safe driving is instilled in the young driver, letting them learn that driving is a privilege and not a right to be abused. For Canadian residents not living in Alberta, they can check out their province’s regulations and programs for Class 7 drivers. In British Columbia, the Class 7L can be obtained at the age of 16. The Class 7 is given after the Class 7L driving test is accomplished. Wherever you go, the system ensures young drivers are trained well for the road.

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