Driving Courses for Class 5 Drivers

Canada’s licence regulations vary from province to province. Overall, however, they are quite similar and residents just need to take note of the particulars.

In Alberta

A Class 5 licence is a non-probationary type, which is usually obtained after successfully possessing the probationary kind. It is issued to individuals who are at least 18 years old. At this point, the driver already has significant road experience but he or she must pass an advanced road test to obtain a Class 5. Upon achieving the Class 5, the individual is officially a fully licensed driver.

In British Columbia

British Columbia residents with a Class 5 have a full vehicle licence. Similar to Alberta, the driver can handle a full-passenger vehicle without any restrictions. It is not specialized like the Class 6 motorcycle licence or the Class 4 commercial licence, but of course, requires enough road experience and caution.

The test

For the Class 5 road test, the examinee is required to demonstrate skill in proper lane changing, hill parking, parallel parking, maintaining and identifying speed limits, safe turns, management of intersections, and identification/operation of vehicle controls. Those who doubt their personal driving skills can take a refresher course or keep on practicing by taking out their car. Significant experience will make things easier but practicing caution should be kept in check. Classes are helpful since there is someone taking note of your mistakes and giving advice for the test itself. Review materials are also available, such as the Licence Driver’s Handbook, published by the Government of Alberta.2011-03-15

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