5 Ways You Can Minimize Your Risk of Car Theft in Canada

Whether your car is a brand new sports car or an old beater, it is yours. You’ve put money into it, you need it for your everyday tasks, and you may have even named it.

You’ve worked hard to have your car, and it would be devastating, and infuriating, if someone else were to steal what you have worked so hard to have.

Up until recently, auto theft in Canada had been on the decline, however, from 2014 and on, car theft statistics have begun increasing each year once again. Make no mistake, auto theft is a serious offense.

With these thefts on the rise, it is important to stay vigilant and alert, and implement different security measures to keep your car as safe as possible. Try these 5 ways you can minimize your risk of car theft.

Lock Your Vehicle

It can be easy to forget to lock your vehicle, or to get comfortable enough in your surroundings to not bother. Whether you are parking downtown, at the mall, or in the safe neighbourhood you live in, you should always lock the doors when you leave the vehicle.

Park Smart

Rather than parking in empty, dark, secluded areas, try to ensure you park in areas that have camera surveillance, are well lit, and have more traffic.

Use A Steering Wheel Lock

While this device may not aid in preventing break-ins, it will make it pretty much impossible for the culprit to make off with your vehicle. You can lock and unlock the bar easily when entering and leaving the vehicle, and carry the lock with you.

Don’t Leave Valuables in Your Vehicle

Leaving valuables, such as your purse or wallet, electronics, or shopping bags easily visible in your vehicle can attract the unwanted attention of thieves.

Install an Anti-Theft Alarm

One of the best ways to deter thieves is to install a car alarm. If anyone attempts to break into the vehicle, the alarm will startle them, and alert anyone within hearing range that the vehicle has been compromised.  The culprit will usually abandon his or her efforts at this point, leaving your vehicle behind.


By following these 5 tips you can drastically decrease the likelihood of having your car stolen. These tips are a combination of common sense, strategy, and anti theft devices that anyone can implement into their everyday activities.

Car theft is still, and will continue to be, a large aspect of the criminal activity that takes place within Canada, and protecting yourself and your belongings should not be an afterthought. The best way to prevent theft is to be proactive.

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