4 Tips For Maintaining Vehicle Value

You just drove your brand new vehicle off the lot, and boom! Thousands of dollars just vanished from its value. How is that even possible? No scratches, no stains, no mileage, and yet its already worth a fraction of what you paid just minutes ago. It just doesn’t seem fair now does it?

While there is no way for you to regain that value, there are a number of things you can do to help maintain the remaining value of your vehicle. Take a look at the following tips for maintaining vehicle value, and halt (or at least slow) your vehicles depreciation today.

Keep Your Car Clean

And we don’t mean go through the car wash a couple times of year. It is important to clean both the exterior and the interior of your vehicle on a continuous basis.

Keeping the exterior clean can help to prevent rusting, especially in the winter months (darn that road salt), and will help keep your paint coat looking fresh.

Cleaning the inside of your car is a whole different story. Most people will keep their car clear of garbage or food messes, but it is important to also keep your upholstery well maintained. Rather than cleaning the fabric as a result of a spill, or conditioning the leather after it has already started to fade or crack, act proactively. Use protectants on your seats to prevent the wear and tear that will inevitable drag your vehicles value down.

Service It Regularly

Not only does having your car serviced routinely help you avoid any unnecessary problems, keeping records of your cars maintenance will prove to potential buyers that your car has been well taken care of and is good running condition.

Some routine services that you should keep up to date for your vehicle include: getting the oil changed, topping up necessary fluids, rotating the tires and having a wheel alignment done, changing the spark plugs, replacing the battery, changing burnt out bulbs, and putting in a clean air filter.

Be KM Conscious

We aren’t saying don’t drive your vehicle. You obviously haven’t purchased it as a fancy driveway ornament. It isn’t a lie, however, that vehicles decrease in value as the mileage goes up.

Everyday mileage such as getting to and from work or running errands is minor. Our suggestion is if you are planning a long road trip or are regularly driving long distances on the highway, look into alternatives; these could include renting a car or utilizing transportation services like busses or trains.

An abundance of distance highway travelling can max out the KM’s on a vehicle in no time and, in doing so, will quickly drag down the value of your vehicle.

And of course, this will also serve to reduce the probability of accidents.

Think Of The Money

As you can see, there are quite a few ways that you can maintain the value of your vehicle just by making small changes in how you take care of it. Keep your vehicle clean, inside and out; get your vehicle serviced on a regular basis, and keep proof; and don’t drive the poor thing into the ground.

If you follow these simple tips, you can make quite the difference in how quickly (or how slowly) your vehicles value drops.

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