3 Most Common Traffic Violations

Traffic violations can cause you to have your driver’s licence revoked. They can also have serious legal consequences. More importantly, though, common traffic violations can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents that cause severe injuries or even death to those involved. Here are three of the most common traffic violations and how they can negatively impact the safety of everyone on the road.


It’s estimated that 25% of deaths from vehicle accidents involved speeding. When a vehicle crashes at a high speed, the impact and potential for injury is greater. Seatbelts and airbags are not always that effective in minimizing injury in a high speed collision.

Speeding not only makes an accident more dangerous, but it also makes it more likely to happen. At high speeds, it’s harder for even an experienced driver to effectively control a vehicle. It’s more difficult to avoid obstacles, navigate turns, and stop in time for pedestrians.

Disobeying traffic lights and road signs

These may be seemingly minor infractions. However, not slowing down during a yellow light or running a red light can lead to an intersection crash, which can be very serious and may involve many vehicles and pedestrians.

Seatbelt violations

Wearing a seatbelt properly is one of the best ways to prevent injuries and fatalities in the event of a motor vehicle accident. However, 7% of Canadians still fail to use their seatbelts. That may seem to be a small figure, but it becomes more serious when you consider that these Canadians account for almost 40% of vehicle collision-related deaths. It is important to wear your seatbelt, not just to avoid a ticket, but to save your life.

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