Interior Cleaning and Conditioning How Tos

While the exterior of a car can get quite dirty and unsightly, there is perhaps nothing more unsettling than a car that is untidy and dirty on the interior. It helps to think of the interior of your car as another room in your home that requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Read on for some helpful tips on how to clean and condition the interior of your car.

Get to know the interior of your vehicle.

Before you even buy your interior cleaning and conditioning products, it’s important to get to know your car. What kind of materials are used on the seating, dashboard, and other interior fixtures? What type of carpeting do you have?

Choose the appropriate products.

Now that you know more or less the make of your car’s interior, the next step is to purchase the appropriate cleaning products. Make sure you only buy and use interior detailing products that are specifically formulated for the particular type of material that you will use it on (i.e., leather seats, synthetic leather lining, fabric seat covers, vinyl dashboard, etc.).

Begin with a good vacuum.

The first step is to remove contaminants by vacuuming your car’s carpet, seats, air vents, consoles, nooks and crannies. Use the crevice attachment and any other appropriate attachment to vacuum your car thoroughly.

Give your interior a wipe down.

To prepare the car’s interior for the application of cleaning, conditioning, and protective products, wipe down all of the surfaces with a microfiber towel. Pay special attention to wiping areas that are constantly touched or used, as well as areas that easily gather dust.

Apply the products as instructed.

Finally, apply your interior detailing products as instructed on the label or in the manual. Try to get the right amount of product applied to ensure that your car is well-cleaned and well-protected.

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