How to Care for your Car’s Leather in Canada

Having leather seats in your car is both a luxury and a comfort. That dapper, smooth, and classy look of leather is candy to the eyes, while the padding, softness, and natural feel of leather makes you feel as cozy as a baby. To make sure your leather continues to look and feel great, it’s essential that you take good care of your interior. Here are some tips on caring for the leather upholstery in your car:

Sun protection is the key to wear prevention.

The biggest cause of deterioration in leather is the lack of protection against leather’s number one enemy: the sun. Direct sunlight on your leather seats causes it to dry up and crack. Prevent this common wear issue by installing tint on your windows (whatever’s legal) and using a sun blocker for your windshield.

Regular cleaning is a must.

At least once a week, wipe down all of the leather surfaces in your interior with a leather-safe fabric, such as microfiber towels. If there are any spills, ink marks, or other accidental marks that you spot on your leather, clean it off as soon as possible.

Condition the leather monthly.

One mistake that some people make when caring for leather is that they apply too much leather conditioner too often. This makes it difficult for the leather to breath, causing it to lose its natural qualities faster. Only apply condition on a monthly basis, but make sure that you follow the application instructions so you use just the right amount.

Apply leather protectant.

As with most maintenance procedures, prevention is the key. When it comes to preserving your leather, you need to use preventive measures and one such measure is leather protectant. This is usually applied every three months.

Get help from the pros.

If you can’t seem to get your leather looking and feeling the way you want it too, you should call up an expert. Leather restoration experts are experienced and they know all of the secrets to returning your leather to its original luxurious, classy style.

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