How to Care for Automotive Microfiber

One of the most useful and essential tools in an auto detailing kit is the microfiber towel. This small, smooth, and soft towel has tightly woven fibers that are static charged. The resulting material is soft, strong, and very absorbent. While microfiber towels are extremely useful for cleaning, drying, and polishing your vehicle, it’s also important to take care of your microfiber towels properly to ensure that they last for years to come.

Keep it simple.

A great thing about the modern marvel known as microfiber is that it is very easy to take care of. So easy, in fact, that one can easily make the mistake of complicating microfiber maintenance. When it comes to taking care of microfiber, the key thing to remember is simplicity. Cleaning microfiber doesn’t require bleach, heat, or fabric softener. In fact, applying any of these three elements to your microfiber towels may ruin them. All that’s needed is water and some detergent. You can hand wash your towels, or you can simply throw them into the laundry machine.

Use the right detergent.

While regular detergents are fine to use, the fine construction of microfiber means that detergent residue can get stuck in its pores. To avoid this, use a detergent that is specially formulated for cleaning microfiber towels. There are also microfiber rejuvinators that can get your towels looking practically brand new.

Never mix microfiber with other fabrics.

Make sure that you don’t wash or place your used microfibers with your other linens, as the leftover auto detailing products on your towel may cause damage to your clothes and other fabrics.

Know when replacement is necessary.

Using and cleaning your microfiber towels will inevitably cause damage, wear, and tear that will take a toll on the effectiveness of your towels. Know when it’s time to replace your microfiber with a new set.

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