Headlight Lens Restoration Guide

Aside from the engine, brake, and drive systems of your vehicle, perhaps the next most valuable part on your car is the headlight. Headlights light up the roads on dark nights and they can be used for signaling other drivers and pedestrians. One of the problems is, your headlights are also among the most delicate parts of your car and they can cost quite a lot to replace. If you just have a minor headlight lens problem, such as fogging up or cloudiness, then you may want to hold off on a replacement and try headlight lens restoration techniques instead. Here’s a quick guide on restoring your headlights to new:

Examine the problem.

Before you actually get started on restoration, it’s important to examine your headlights and identify the problem. Is the lens getting foggy or cloudy on the interior or the exterior? Is there a buildup of moisture? Moisture buildup may require you to remove the lens and clean it thoroughly, while exterior problems can be fixed in the normal mounted position.

Consider buying a headlight restoration kit.

Many auto detailing product manufacturers have headlight restoration kits with just about everything you need to get your headlights looking brand new. Some of the products included in a kit include a lens cleaner, glaze, sealant, microfiber towel, polishing pads, and drill adaptor.

Prepare for the restoration.

Get your kit and take out the necessary equipment. Use an auto detailing masking tape to line around the headlight of your vehicle. This will protect the surface around the light. Plan your operation step-by-step, starting with an initial cleaning to remove contaminants like dirt and debris.

Go through each step for restoration.

After using the headlight cleaner, the next step is to apply the lens glaze, which will give it a shinier look, revitalizing the clarity, and making it look better overall. Finally, apply the surface sealant to protect from future damage and wear and tear.

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